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24th August 2004

6:40pm: watching simpsons,

THAT 70s SHOW IS COMING OUT WITH that 70s show DVD!! yipEE!!!


NEW EPISODES start sept. 8th!!

but i cant find when quints starts back up. ::((

passed the guitar test today yay

20th August 2004

7:12pm: boredemmm!!

anywho, over the time i have not posted i went to ny for a week. it was great, horribly busy, but wonderful. I also remembered why i hate humidity. watching friends with john stamos...

he is still MIGHTY FINE

i havent been able to cheer up totally since after may... the only thing that makes me happy is when i think about the time that we won a match in volley ball and the energy was so positive...

started school on wednesday, finally a senior, yippee!!!

does anyone know if napolean dynomite is good??

i'm really glad they brought family guy back to fox, now they need to bring back futurama.

"Alllrighht" -- Quagmire from Family guy
Current Mood: numb

6th July 2004

8:23pm: lalala, boredddd out of my mind.

i decided that the last time i posted was a long time ago. so tada, here i am.

i just watched the old stepford wives and am hoping to see the new one this weekend.

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-grape 45

10th June 2004

3:35pm: "Oh I can't get to the TV

I can't find what channel the DVD player is on!
I can't find it!!

Ooo, look its charlie and the choclate factory, oh, its without sound... wait! I had the TV on mute!!"

This is my friend Andi, as I am talking to her on the phone... idiot.

Still am sick, I missed my friends graduation, I have done nothing, barely going out of the house.

I love my cat, just seeing if eveyone was alive, I know I am.

One thing I can't understand is why everyone think JEremy Sumpter is hot, cause he's not, my friend knows him and he's not. Even when he plays peter pan he not hot, and thats not right cause how can a 7 YEAR OLD JACKED UP ON COKE!!!!

Oh and news flash Jeremy Sumpter talks with his tounge and ANDI is obseesed with his tounge now!! this is so wrong, even though he is really 15, take that and their is still an age diference.

Current Mood: thoughtful

7th June 2004

2:09pm: Merow!!
hey all

watching some sort of soap opera where this guy just keep on dancing and this girl has a different guy all chained up. kinky.

feeling alot better and I just replaced all my icons, yup, constructive.

the pic of orli is rather large...
Orli, Depp, hands, slash, and other stuff... all veryvery odd!!Collapse )

thats if for today... -grape45

"It only seems kinky the first time..."
Current Mood: crazy

4th June 2004

5:04pm: should probally cut this....
I am sick, at one point had a temp of 103, still dont feel good, its called an "acute viral infection" *ack* Movie RunCollapse )

2nd June 2004

7:22pm: Prrllowr

I am so tall!!! oh yeah see that mad skill, right there!!

*end gak*

i have no idea what that is... but i havent been on in a couple hours and have been bored out of my mind. but ahh, diet coke with lime is soooo good, even though i'm not supposed to have it. screw it.

lets put something intresting in this post.. persay a little:


to lazy to do special LJ crap to it. but go there it will light up you life, and in the second one where Count Voldermont (nickname) zaps snape youll see a star, click on it and you'll get a suprise.

no really though::

title or description


potterpals this time, orli or crossdressing johnny next time.

went to teh sunsplash today... fun as hell!! they have a new slide that tubes four people!!!

todays bumper sticker is:

"someday we'll look back on this, laugh nervously, then change the subject"

Current Mood: crazy

1st June 2004

5:51pm: grape45

To do this trick, type < font color=yourusername>< b>yourusername</ b></ font> without the spaces and update your journal

this icon describes my mood right now.....

31st May 2004

grape45 is poisonous! Induce vomitting if ingested.


From Go-Quiz.com


30th May 2004

9:03pm: Ahh...

I got bored and i couldn't get the song "we've got more bounce than california" out of my head so... I did a memegen.. is boring

Do you really have more bounce than California?? by grape45
Where ya from?
What is your favorite color?
Choose an item
Do you have more bounce than California?Ahh... I guess
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

listen to sum41. high quality

27th May 2004

7:52pm: LOL!!

watching friends "Nice goin, you just saved yourself a couple months of sex."

its the one were... they have thanksgiving and they are playing football...

well, I'm still alive and summer starts next friday!!!! whoopah!!

this is great I'll post something exciting next time

grape 45

19th May 2004

5:27pm: QUIZILLA
Well at least I&apos;d try!
Well you've tried to save the world but the ring
kicked your bum...I'm sorry but that's just how
the world turns and how the ring acts. But at
least you didn't get killed! Think of that as
a plus!

If You Received The One Ring, How Would It Affect You?
brought to you by Quizilla


Exotic Dancer
You're Exotic Dancer Barbie. You have some moves,
and will do anything for a few bucks. Take it
off girl, but keep it PG-13 please.

If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be?
brought to you by Quizilla

Very good, very good


"Bite my shiney metal ass" -bender from futurama
3:51pm: Woot Woot

Korinn just pranked called me... god i hate her. Anyways

I just recolored my journal since i tried laying it out but it didnt quite work.


Oakland Raider Fans
Circle I Limbo

Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

Bill Clinton
Circle IV Rolling Weights

PETA Members
Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

George Bush
Circle VII Burning Sands

Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

Parents who bring squalling brats to R-rated movies
Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

Haha a joy... sorry if i've offended anyone

My life is rated R.
What is your life rated?

I don't thinks its that bad... though i am a whore... a LIVEJOURNAL WHORE!!!!

HAHA i'm SOOO funny
Current Mood: crazy

18th May 2004

Fez is so cool. He colects undies, teehee. I know I have no life. I'm watching that 70's Show and I love it!!

What I really need is a nice layout, with some hot guy or something. Today was eventful, not really. First day I've gone to school in a while, 'cause my g'pa died and the burial was on friday and the church service was on monday so i was really tired when I got around to going to school today. Whats been up with you all?? Phh,

I have no friends on my list, wah. HAHA Eric is trying to get Donna to sleep with him. Aww how sweet. Well someone start a convo topic (michelle, NO)!! we're havin ribs tonight, YUM!!



Current Mood: restless

16th May 2004

8:23pm: All these are hilarious... even if youve barely ever watched or read harry potter the potter pals are sooo funny!!!
The dancing hippo from MIDNY is even funnier!

Potter Pals 1!!!

Potter Pals 2!!!

Dancin' Hippo.. from MINDY!!!


"I'm the bad thing that happens to good people"
Current Mood: aggravated
9:26am: Who lives in a pinapple under the sea!!???!!! Who??

Which Family Guy character are you?

sounds very true...

but remember kids... Pillage BEFORE you Burn!!
Current Mood: hyper

15th May 2004

9:37pm: LJ0CUT!!!
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9:29pm: teehee-- i feel like posting.....
1)Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says.
"and one-hit kills. you can bu them at Ammu-Nation" (A GTA book)
2)Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?
3)What is the last thing you watched on TV?
Fairly Odd Parents
4)WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what the time is.
5)Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?
6)With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
A train
7)When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
3:30ish comin home
8)Before you came to this website, what did you look at?
9)What are you wearing?
shorts and a tank top
10)Did you dream last night?
11)When did you last laugh?
12)What is on the walls of the room that you're in?
13)Seen anything weird lately?
I saw Wes
14)What do you think of this quiz?
It's a bit boring but not enough that I won't fill it out.
15)What is the last film you saw?
Little Nicky
16)If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?
Orlando Bloom
17)Tell us something about you that we don't know.
I can't. Then you'd know it!
18)If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
Nothing probably. I would spend to much time trying to decide whats best to do that I would die before I could do it.
19)Do you like to dance?
20)Would you ever consider living abroad?
Current Mood: blah
9:19pm: Fill out and ANSWER

-Name 10 great movies you love

-What do you like to do online?

-Tell me five things I should know about you

-Name one thing, phrase, song, object, picture, what ever, that you associate with me.

-What are your nicknames and what/who are they from?

-Who do you live with?

-How old are you?

-Do you have pets?

-If you could live anyplace you wanted to, where?

-On a scale of 1-10, one being an aquaitence (I know thats misspelled), ten being OMFG-I-COUlD-NEVER-LIVE-WITHOUT-YOU-OH-GREAT-GRAPSTER, how close of a friend would you say I am to you?

Current Mood: MWAHAHAHA
4:19pm: Anything worth fighting for, is worth fighting dirty for.
Your Johnny Depp family by cerulean_dreams
Your Username
What he will wear on your wedding
You will name your sonEric Joseph
You will name you daughterKilee Rue
This is your dog
His name isCricket
You will live inCalifornia
Are you happy?Hell yes!
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

More Mimi's behind the cut!!Collapse )

Current Mood: crazy

12th May 2004

My Celebrity Family
by popstarprincess
Your Name
MomShania Twain
DadJon Bon Jovi
BrotherBenji Madden
SisterBeyonce Knowles
BoyfriendOrlando Bloom
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

ChaCHING--LOOK AT MY BOYFRIEND!!! and i also have a somewhat hot brother!!

4th May 2004

7:21pm: OMGOMGOMG!!! Go Here!! And look at the (first) two entries (the ones at the top).

Thats so sad.....

7:08pm: Hi all I just made a touching post in cancersupport :'( go see it if you want. I still don't know all the special lj html that make the little clikies so live with me for a bit

1st May 2004

4:26pm: Woohoo! every thing is going smooth and is up and running! I have great Icons and now im lookin for something natur-ey.

but this is great!!

one bad point about to day was that our volleyball team lost the championship cause... well some thing that contributed was LAuren but.. hell.

with that the season is over!!!

Current Mood: crazy
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